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Ølfabrikken Porter

Bryggeri Type Farve Land Alkoholprocent
Ølfabrikken Porter/Stout Sort Danmark 7.5 %
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Skummet er mørkebrunt, højt og utroligt tæt, og holdbarheden bliver bare ikke bedre - noget af det bedste skum vi har set. Duften er utroligt ristet, med lakrids og chokolade. Smagen er ekstremt ristet, med masser af mørk chokolade og en smule lakrids. Eftersmagen afstemmes perfekt med bitterhumle, men er stadigt utroligt ristet og med masser af chokolade og lakrids.

Kommentar skrevet af PVCtxlx1hv - 30/11-15
I love it the way it is now - with one small item to open asap and one for later (it's also been fun to try to figure out two thigns to make too). On our miniature-Christmas tree we had ornaments from the last few years too, and it's fun to see the difference between them - yet they all are so adorable!I think that - for those who'd like to know the pattern the maker used - perhaps the maker of the different items could perhaps post a picture of what they made around the same time as chooky posts her lovely posts picturing all the items, and then those who were interested in the pattern for one (or more) items could go to that person's blog and get all the information they needed. It would also have been fun to read what (if any) inspired the maker to chose that particular pattern or colours, if they made any tweaks or personalizations to the pattern, etc. (I'm generally horrible at keeping to a pattern, and will in most cases do some tweaks or changes when I make thigns..)Oh, and yes, an assistant - if you need/want one, I'm sure there are many who'd sign up (me included)!

Kommentar skrevet af XJqoiptB3e1 - 22/10-15
I'm going to be there on the Sunday - Boo Hoo. I think I'll miss seeing you all. Maybe next year the bus from here will caghne back to going down on the Saturday.

Kommentar skrevet af Bent - 21/02-10

Kommentar skrevet af niclas 21/11-06

Kommentar skrevet af Groggy - 20/10-06

Kommentar skrevet af Stefano - 26/09-06

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